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WCF Data Services 5.1

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WCF Data Services
WCF Data Services 5.1 enables creation and consumption of data services for the Web according to version 3 of the Open Data Protocol (OData), which facilitates data access and change via standard HTTP verbs. WCF Data Services 5.1 includes .NET Framework server and client libraries as well as Silverlight client libraries. This release of WCF Data Services also includes support for the new JSON serialization format (previously known as JSON Light). WCF Data Services 5.1 adds support for the following features: JSON serialization format $format/$callback New client-side events for better request/response control This installer will update WCF Data Services item templates as well as the code generated by the Add Service Reference to facilitate consumption of the new JSON serialization format. This installer should not be run on production servers.
WCF Data Services
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Author: Microsoft
License: Freeware
File Size: 10.3 MB
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